Edge & Proper came to be by two women, who have known one another for over 25 years...sisters they call each other.  With distinct personalities, Owners, Allyson Asch - Jewelry Designer, and Staci Friedman - Chief Branding & Marketing Officer, had envisioned collections that are one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces never meant to be worn the same way, by any other person.  Nor did they want it to be the latest trend that we all see replicated over and over.  And so, that is what they bring to you. 


The one-of-a-kind jewelry designs use a mix of vintage pendants, genuine leather, unique metal materials, stunning agates, and natural earth toned trade-beads collected from around the world.  Hand-made with untraditional versatile intention from delicately layered pieces, to innovative looks, be it edgy or proper - no one piece is the same.

Chains & bracelets can be wrapped, layered, clasped multiple ways, or worn as a simple statement piece.  Edge & Proper combines unique styles from past, present, and future decades to simply catch someone’s eye.

Pieces that become a sidekick to one’s individual style and ultimately worn to compliment a look. Inspired by client’s unique twist when wearing each piece, fuels their desire to give their clients more, always.  And they don’t plan to stop anytime soon. 

With their designs, Allyson & Staci invite you to find YOUR one-of-a-kind.